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Please keep in mind, we don’t take offers very seriously for people who have never seen the property.  Also, on offers that aren’t accompanied with a reasonable earnest money deposit.  If you haven’t met these two conditions, we will move forward on other offers.

We will not take any house or other property “off the market” until earnest money has been received.  Even then, we reserve the right to accept a better offer but always promise to… promptly refund any earnest money and or application fees received and give you first right of refusal.  This allows you to meet or beat the better offer.

This hasn’t happened yet, but we’ve come close a couple times.  Some of our properties have a lot of interest.  We have had people lose out on securing the property because they thought it would be around.  We’ve sold some of our properties in a matter of days.  So our advice is, if you are seriously interested… DON”T WAIT!

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